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USA Girl Scouts - Singapore


(Currently Rome TTT Course)

This page will eventually have information about USA Girl Scout training sessions in Singapore. For now, however, it has just handouts and downloads for upcoming training sessions in Rome in Januaray, 2008.

The training assistants in Rome should download all of the documents from this page and make copies for training. For the handouts, I would suggest making one copy per person attending each training, plus one for me, the instructor.

I recommend that this booklet be collated in the order in which they appear in the document and hole punched to be put in loose leaf binders (which hopefully the Rome OCMT is also providing.) The first few pages have no page numbers and neither do the dividers for sections of the notebook. The rest of the pages do indeed have page numbers and are numbered in such a way as to be printed in the final booklet 2-sided, with the page numbers on the bottom outside corners of each page.

This booklet does not cover all of the topics of the course and are not substitutes for actually attending the course. Neither the booklet nor any of the individual handouts should not be given out in advance of the course nor to people who are not taking the course. They are meant to supplement the training and help reinforce the concepts presented during the course. They are for this course, this year and at this time only.

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This is the first part of the Train-the-Trainer booklet that we will give out. The whole thing is currently a little over 140 pages (but printed 2 sided - 70+ sheets of paper), in about 40 sections. The sections on this page are not yet complete - these are currently from the booklet given out in Singapore in September, 2006, but this red message will be updated as revised sections are uploaded.....December 6th 10:00 AM

TTT Reference Booklet

(This course is 2 full days and is pretty intense. You must be interested in training to take this course. You don't learn anything new about Girl Scouts, it's all about the philosophy of adult education and how to train adults. )

  • 00 Adult Health Record

  • 00 Adult Photo Release

    (Both of these go in the very front of the booklet. Participants will fill them out on the spot and turn them in.)

  • 01 Cover of book

    (This goes on the front cover and spine of the notebook, if possible. If the notebook is not that type, then put this in as a title page for the book.)

  • 02 Book Dividers
    These are the dividers that will go between sections of the book to make things easier to find. If you can get tab dividers for these, great! If not, the sheets themselves make pretty good dividers.

    Here's the rest of the book, in order, both here and in the number on the front of the file name. There are a couple of "numerical" sections missing - there is no #10, nor #17 - I'm hoping to bring these with me - color charts and/or on paperboard.

  • 03 Learning Objectives
  • 04 TTT Course Schedule
  • 05 Table of Contents
  • 06 Trainer Responsibilities
  • 07 Glossary
  • 08 Diversity Part 1
  • 09 Diversity Part 2
  • 11 Adult Eduction Philosophy
  • 12 Experiential Learning Model
  • 13 Learning Style Inventory
  • 14 Learning Styles
  • 15 Trainer Types
  • 16 ELC Theory
  • 18 ELC Design Framework
  • 19 Planning Considerations
  • 20 Design Considerations
  • 21 Needs Assessment
  • 22 Learning Objectives
  • 23 ELC Training Methods
  • 24 ELC Techniques for Learning Styles
  • 25 Accelerated Learning
  • 26 Training Methods

    Out of space on this webpage, so continue at More Rome training information.....December 6, 2007 10:00 AM

    Other Downloads for the Rome TTT Training

    The main page for the Rome trainings can be found at: Rome TTT

    Part 1 can be found at: Rome TTT Book part 1

    Part 2 can be found at: Rome TTT Book part 2

    and the handouts are at: Rome TTT handouts    Rome Program Age Level handouts and misc.

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